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On occasion I have had to replace original Alfa electrical connectors for various reasons and just can't stand using connectors that don't match the original ones. The worst looking ones have a nice dark blue insulation over the crimp location. Recently I noticed some 'Ideal' electrical connectors that looked odd at first but then they are made with heat shrink tubing, that when heated shrinks to hold the wire fairly tight. They are not exactly like the originals but close. I only use the yellow ones on an Alfa:

The Ideal connector is on the right in the following photograph:
Electrical wiring Auto part Technology Wire Cable

When looking through the Montreal parts book, I noticed that the Montreal jack had two bands around it to hold the handle and the arm that lifts the car in place. I noticed that broccoli comes with some nice thick bands that fit and work well; they are even color coordinated although the following photo does not show it well.

If you have any tips that may help other Alfa Montreal owners or a better electrical connector, please add them to this thread.

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