Cleaning out Shop.
Stuff listed below will be either cheap and will have a price that includes shipping. Or free just pay the shipping cost in the USA
Everything listed is in working condition

First 10 are below. More to come.........................

5- Two Bosch OE (NEW) driving lights for GTV6 $40.00 incs. shipping
Automotive lighting Headlamp Bumper Automotive exterior Gas

7-two new GTV6 hand straps. $22.00 Incs. shipping
Hood Wood Automotive exterior Bumper Gas

8-Cruise control unit from Milano Verde/platinum $32.00 incs. shipping
Automotive tire Gas Automotive exterior Auto part Rectangle


10- 3" intake diameter conical "K&N" type filter with intake tube good condition
$40.00 incs. shipping
Automotive tire Cylinder Wood Gas Synthetic rubber