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Alfa Sprint GT - Blue Skai interior reference

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Hi Guys,

Does anyone have pictures of an original blue skai interior for a sprint gt?

Preferably in half cloth/half skai finish
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There's a poor quality image in the Gallery section of Classic Alfa's website. I have only seen pre-65 cars with the cloth insert; most were all-vinyl.
This is a 1964 model... Blue Skai seats are available but don't include cloth inserts
So buy the covers and have them taken apart to sew in a cloth panel, or go to a good trimmer with the necessary fine needles and have them made bespoke from the correct vinyl. You might also contact Elvezio (the BB's new site sponsor) to see what they can do for you. The best information is from Italian sources.
Two photos. I cannot recall whether the version shown in the second photo made it into production. Hope this is helpful.

PS: The first car was sold by VSOC in The Netherlands some time ago. They may have more photos on their website.


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Thanks I've seen a picture of a car on the same spec as the second car..

Do you believe the first pic is correct .. That would be alot easier to achieve
Blue interiors from two different '64 GTs, one with cloth inserts and the other with vinyl inserts but in same pattern.



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Thanks Bud :)

Now I need to find similar cloth material. Has anyone sourced this material in the past?
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