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25 years ago today I bought my second Alfa, my beloved 1978 Sport Sedan. Flew into Southern California and drove it home (at the time) to Logan UT.

Back in 1996, I paid $2,000 and it had 31,150 miles. Currently has just under 70k miles. Looking back at the older photos I just discovered less than 3,000 of those miles have been in the last 15 years (shameful I know).

And here it is in it's current state. Getting all new bushings, brakes, clutch, fluids, among lots of other things:

I've had many cars since then but can't bare to part with this one and I'm looking forward to getting it back on the road!

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Looks exactly like the one we had, except we had the gold pinstripping on the belt line, which we thought looked pretty sharp. We put 180k miles DD on it. Sold in pristine condition. t guess it is still living in Mass, south of Boston now, kept in fine condition as of the last pictures sent to us a few years ago.

My wife misses that car, wishing she had it with her Milano drive train, lol. Maybe should have done that.
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