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Hello my spider buddies.. I wanted to let everyone know that I have a few cd-roms that contain alfa romeo spider veloce manuals.. They were extras I kept for trade shows, and conventions.. but I don't need them anymore. Please email me if you are interested.. I can take money orders, and paypal. The price I am asking for each of these old version cd-roms is $20.00 a piece. I think that is fair considering they hold everything.. workshop manuals.. you name it. Even how to fix a convertable top. They however do not cover Spica Fuel Injection, but they do cover all the different Carbs. Anyways, I have used this cd-rom to work on my own 1978 alfa spider for years now, and I haven't needed to buy another manual since then. The nice thing about this cd-rom is that it works just fine on my new computer with Windows XP just like it did on my old computer that had Windows 95, and so I haven't needed to shop around for an upgrade. Baddabing-baddaboom. I got them originally from a guy at an alfa club locally. Anyways, email if you would like to buy a set of manuals. I can provide shipping for free as long as it is within the USA.

And please don't follow up your reply to this message by posting to this ad board. Very important! Only contact me via private email if you are interested and if you would like to reach me or if you have any questions about this cd-rom.

Alfa Ed
[email protected]
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