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Hello All,

I've been wanting to write this article for a while ever since I wrapped up the project. For those who want to keep the stock deck for a restoration follow all the guidelines otherwise cancel out the line out converter and FM modulator because your new deck will have RCA inputs and probably bluetooth or audio jack to cover MP3s.

What I bought:

Alpine SPR 50C component speakers.
PPI S760.4 4 channel amp.
Kicker Audio 4 Gauge amp hook up kit.
Line out converter.
Scosche FM modulator 02.
A spool of speaker wire.

How I installed it is easy. I ran six strands of speaker wire from the trunk to the console area (two for each speaker, one for tweeter on each side). The speakers in component systems run the out power to the tweeter but since I wanted the tweeter crossovers in the rear I ran six strands of wire instead of four. I cut out tweeter holes in both sides of the console and installed the woofers in the door panels (stock location).

The amp's power wires were connected directly to the car battery in the trunk and run behind the carpeting. Remote wire for the amp was run from ignition and the power for the FM-modulator and line out converter were both connected to the yellow fused wire which connects to the back of the deck. The ground of the FM-modulator was shared with the stock ground for the deck.

The line out converter will need final adjustment for output after everything is installed.

You will see from the pics how I ran the wires and where I installed the speakers and amp. I can either slap a tape adapter in and plug my phone/mp3 player into that or plug into the jack I installed for the FM modulator. The FM modulator switch and jack come in a box. Carefully removed these from the box and installed the switch where Alfa conveniently left a square hole for the English side of the console where the throttle cable would plug in.

If you need dimension for the amp's mounting just ask although the measurements or a template from cardboard can easily be made.

One of the pics will clearly show where I mounted the tweeters.

If there are any questions or anything needs to be clarified please let me know.

The speakers sound great at any speed and soon I will be hooking up one or two bazooka tubes directly behind the passenger and driver seats(I only used two channels from the amp because it was more than enough RMS to power the speakers without bridging and it will be more than enough RMS to power the sub or subs. I am going for clean sound not obnoxious sound). Should really fill out the sound.

Crank it up,



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