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Selling a set of 5 tools for working the the VVT gear that is on the intake.

Tool numbers are
A.2.0423 cam lock
A.5.0231 socket for removal
A.5.0232 Adjustment wrench
A.5.0242/1822024 for disassembly
A.5.0274 for removing the vvt gear on the motronic engines 90 to 94

This set will let you adjust timing, remove the gear from the cam, disassemble the gear to clean.

It covers all the years the VVT was used. 1980 to 1993.

Tools are in good shape.

Only tool A.5.0231 has minor rust on it.

Asking 275.00 plus shipping

I know it sounds high. But it is hard to come up with all 5 tools to put the set together.


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