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Background: Two separate but related events on two round trips from Aurora, NY to Lancaster, PA.

Event #1 took place on Saturday morning, September 15 after I picked up my parents for a visit to Aurora.

YOU: Traveling south on Rt 501 approaching the Brickerville intersection in Lancaster County in a (very) light blue Duetto; top down, of course.

ME: Heading north on same road in Passat wagon (burgundy color with NY plates). I'm the idiot in the car that started madly flashing my lights at you.

YOU: Although obviously puzzled, graciously returning my thumbs-up with a modest wave.

Event #2 took place almost a week later (September 21) at the same spot, but Friday afternoon on the return trip to my parent's house.

YOU: Turning on to Rt. 501 (at the very same Brickerville intersection) and heading north in a white Giulia Spider (traffic was heavy and you were behind another vehicle when I spotted you--it is possible you were driving a Giulietta); top down, of course.

ME: Dumbstruck by the coincidence of seeing the only two Alfas of the entire trip at the very same spot on two different days. As I recognized you as the same driver of the Duetto nearly a week earlier, I was further amazed as I thought about the low probability of spotting the same driver in two different Alfas at different times of the day, on different days of the week, yet at the same precise location. So, who is this driver who owns two very cool cars in (most likely) Lancaster County? Is that driver part of this BB?

Can you spell coincidence, boys and girls? Can you hear that classic Beach Boys Tune in your head... "Two alfas for every boy." ;-)


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