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This volume of 160 pages and full of new texts and spectacular photos is dedicated to Alfa Romeo, an history that fascinates a century. Alfa Romeo is the symbol of a Life Less Ordinary in the automotive field, accompanied by the passions, victories and defeats, always competing against each other and sometimes even against itself. From failure to success, from the horrors of war to international fame, the sale to Fiat in American marriage, covering the events of the first hundred years of exciting Alfa means drawing a picture of the automotive world, made up of men, motors and above a desire to progress over time has created a very strong and unique image of the Italian brand. The Alfa Romeo is not just a car manufacturer and its looking "inside" its machines, from the 8C to Giulietta through the sporting victories of the 33 SC 12, you can discover a fascinating story.

Size 10.5 x 12 inches

20euro each one
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