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Alfa Romeo's product plan until 2014 has been leaked.

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From the BB blog:

Alfa Romeo's product plan until 2014 has been leaked on the internet and has revealed that the Italian automaker plans on launching seven new or redesigned models in the next three years, most of which will be available on the U.S. market.

The plan's strategy sounds like a broken record: to revitalize the Alfa brand and sell the cars in North America, words that have been tossed around time and again since Alfa left U.S. shores in 1994. What's different this time is that there are actions behind those words and everything seems to be fairly well planned out, not to mention imminent.

2011 is the calm before the storm. There are no new models, just minor revamping of existing the existing lineup. New colors, new trim levels, and so on. The new models will begin to arrive in 2012, starting with the production version of the popular mid-engined 4C concept that Alfa showed in Geneva earlier this year. The 4C will have the honor of being the first car the brand will send over to the United States. 2012 also marks when Alfa's long-rumored compact SUV will finally see the light of day. It will compete against the Volkswagen Tiguan and in Europe the Ford Kuga. The last bit of news for next year is that the three-door MiTo hatchback will get a facelift.

In 2013 Alfa will launch the car that will replace the 159. There is a very good chance it will be called the Giulia and it will be launched as both as a sedan and a wagon. Both versions of it are being developed with the U.S. market in mind and will be available on American soil. The MiTo family is scheduled to grow that year, adding a five-door hatchback and a convertible version to the existing three-door model.

The popular Giulietta will get a facelift in 2014 and it will be accompanied by a new SUV that will be larger than the one that Alfa will release next year. Basing it on a Chrysler platform is not out of the question. Both SUVs will be available in the United State; Fiat plans on utilizing Chrysler's existing dealer network to distribute Alfas there.

So far no precise date for any of this has been mentioned but new and U.S.-bound Alfas are right around the corner and unlike the numerous other rumors that have circulated about this for the past couple of years, this time it looks set in stone.
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And the photo that goes with it:
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Suuuuure! When I see them...
I've been skeptical in the past; I remember they were supposed to come back in 2006, then 2008, etc. I never believed any of it but this time I think it's the real thing. Hell, they brought Fiat back, how likely was that to happen?

I'm not convinced on how wise it is to start with an SUV and a sports car, I guess only time will tell though.
Since I can't buy a new Alfa Romeo while on Unemployment, I'd better find a job in the next year. If any of you know of a fun job, I'm willing to do most things... plus, I promise to let you drive my new Alfa when it comes in.
I think that was written on May 20. When Marchionne awoke on May 21 and saw the world hadn't ended, he slapped his forehead and said, "D'oh!"
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