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I have a 1991 Spider for sale, Red and really perfect

Hello, There was a post by S4jones that showed a red 1991 Spider Veloce for sale at Park Place in Seattle. He went to go see it and reported that it was really nice. Well I bought that car and brought it to the Los Angeles area. It really is excellent (perfect is a better word to describe it) in every way. Now I am already thinking about selling it for the ame prce I paid, $14900, while continuing to enjoy it in the meantime. Here is the link to S4jones' post:

Would you be interested? It is red with tan interior. The only issues it has is low freon and maybe a leak in the AC system (impossible to know without trying to recharge first). Just within the past week, the driver electric window sounds a little crunchy as it goes up or down. The door panel should be removed and the gear cleaned and lubricated before it gets worse.

The interior looks like new, the paint is excellent, the engine is spotless, it rums perfect, starts-up immediatly (clod or hot) and drives perfectly.

If you fly to LAX airport, I can pick you up, show you the car, and take you wherever you decide to stay in this area. No commitment to buy the car is necessary.

Warren, [email protected], 562-897-2227
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