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Alfa Romeo Tipo 916 GTV and Spider Complete Register Kickstarter

Imagine You are selling, or owning, a one of only few 2.0 V6 TB Spiders with Verde Oasi Pearl. exterior and Tanned Leather interior. With a complete register You’ll know exactly how many of those were manufactured and, hopefully with an input from many users, how many are left.

What do I want to accomplish?
I want to build a specialist website and create a GTV/Spider Complete Register. Website will gather all information on GTV and Spider while the register will be used to check any information on a particular car and it’s history.
New website will also incorporate a space for each cars history and photos that current or previous owners can add or edit themselves. Maybe in the future there will be a way to highlight cars that are currently for sale across internet. There will be all kind of filters and statistics available. You’ll be able to bring up the statistics for whole production run or just for specified years or use other filters.
Website will be free to use and free to update information. All incoming information should be moderated to avoid tempering. All of the included information are publicly available right now so there is no restriction nor licencing needed.
Convince Centro Documentazione to release more information.

What I have accomplished this far?
For some time I have been working on researching the limited editions with 100% success rate.
Also many more information, history, brochures, technical, every interior and exterior code can be found on my personal website
Only thing left to do is put it all together on separate specialist website that everyone can access.

What do I want from You?
I want to ask for small contributions to start this open project. Each one of You could spare couple euros to make it happen.

What information will be guaranteed?
Chassis number, day-month-year production date, model, version code, engine code and version, engine number, vehicle number (unavailable for Pininfarina-produced), interior code.
Other information such as: sale date, sale country and exterior code are sometimes available but highly restricted by Centro Documentazione and I sadly cannot guarantee them at this point, although they will be updated as soon as they became available.

What timeframe is needed?
Minimal timeframe of completing such a project is 1 year. Much more if without sufficient support. Website should be created within 2 months.

Why do we want this to happen?
Alfa Romeo GTV and Spider are surely two future classics, with very interesting history, quite limited numbers made and timeless design. A complete register is needed for collectors purposes so we can all know how many of each version were made.

Where will the money go?
Purchase of .com domain and hosting space.
Creation of respectable and professional website for anyone to visit and browse.
Many, many hours of my work of putting around 81,000 cars’ information together with as much as 7-10 different categories, which equals to a total of 567,000-810,000 different records, that needs to be collected.

Will this project ever be completed without Your support?
Not likely, as I simply cannot afford to just leave work for 1-1,5 year. And without Your help the timeframe will be 10 times as long, or it may never come true.

What contribution goals are set?
First goal is a minimum to create a website and arrange some hosting space. Should be 1,000€. This will be known as a small goal.
Second goal is more difficult and time consuming, my time consuming. And it’s a complete register with all guaranteed information, free to use for everyone. This goal is set at 12,000€. This will be the big goal.

What proof will You see?

First of all if the first minimal goal is achieved, the website will start to take shape. Secondly as the register progresses it will be uploaded piece by piece to the website, although the statistics will be available upon completing 100% of the register.

What portfolio do I have in GTV/Spider knowledge?

Alfa Romeo GTV and Spider: Revision history - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
My wikipedia nick is Ybsone.
Alfa Romeo GTV Spider History Yaroslav Bozhdynsky's Personal Website
My personal website. The only place You’ll find all limited editions explained and catalogued.

What rewards will there be for a contributions?

I’ll try to give something back only for serious contributions, maybe a bookmark or a print, a poster, an original brochure. Please remember that we are trying to gather money for a couse, not to spend it on gadgets. Still the final reward for everyone is the free access to the complete register. Remember it’s a true milestone in GTV/Spider history in which You can all participate.

How can You pledge?

European/Polish contributors via bank transfer or PayPal, rest of the World with PayPal. PM or e-mail for details.

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First donations are in, keep them coming.
Right now every one who donate will receive complete 2004 year production statistics, more to come.
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