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No real rust on this.
Also no title. :| I have all paperwork to get duplicate title.
This car runs too.
Total I am asking is $2500 for the whole thing which is crazy because the motor alone is almost worth that much.
New head gasket on motor which was pulled out, cleaned, motor bay was cleaned and painted, transmission cleaned and fluid changed.
I have been working on Alfas for over 15 years so I have an idea what I need to do.
Radiator was cored and cleaned.
New tires all four wheels.
Fuel pumps are new.
Motor and transmission mounts are new.
Carped all cleaned and very usable.
I have many parts put away, most are stored with the car.
Dashboard was refurbished as well.
Great project or parts car. Was going to make it a race car and started stripping it out to do the roll cage etc.. only thing it really needs is a motivated car guy.:)
Also you can call text or email me if you would like to talk about it. I don't have time to do much internet surfing these days.:crying2:


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