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Thanks Ossodiseppia. I guess I'll try writing to the PO Box #. Can't find anything on the internet about an actual business with this name anywhere in Ontario. I may also call some of the existing foreign car places in Rexdale for clues. At least I'm learning more about Ontario. I guess Rexdale is a suburb of Toronto that also goes by the name Etobicoke?

You're probably right. I'd also be interested in knowing more about the Canadian history of alfa imports. For example, were they all "USA spec" or a mix of USA and Euro?
I wouldn't waste the time writing to them. They are long gone. At some time te distributoship was handled by"

Alfacars, Inc.
34 Doncaster Ave.
Unit 3Thorn Hill, Ont.
tele: 416.889.4000

I am not sure if they are still around or if anybody else has those types of records.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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