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Many of you remember our beloved friend and club member Bob Self. After 5 years of his passing his sister needs assistance in clearing out Bob's Alfa Romeo Parts Stash. She is having a sale that will benefit medical bills that her current family is experiencing.

The Sale will be Saturday May 19th from 10-4 PM at 2501 Quitman Street, Denver Colorado 80212.

Some of the parts available will be:

Basically a ridiculous amount of spare parts.
A 1750 complete with transmission
A 1300 disassembled.
Bumpers, trim prices. Door cards, dashboard nuts and bolts. Pieces and parts.
A early intake with Dual 40 Webber’s and a pedal assembly.
Most things will be in groups as to move things out. They will be priced fairly and buyers are encouraged to be sensitive to the nature of the sale.

The family hope's to see you there. If you have any questions please email Scott Reid-Family friend and Alfista.

email: [email protected]

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What happened to the leftovers?
The family is taking a break and from what I understand some parts will be offered here in lots at a future date.

We [Centerline] will not be involved in these sales, but will gladly help the family ship parts if purchased by out of town buyers.
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