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I am trying to clean house and I want to sell off my collection of Alfa Romeo parts. I’ve been selling off my NOS and easier to ship parts via ebay. For the remaining parts, I’d like to avoid selling them piece by piece and also want to avoid having to do an inventory of everything. So, I’d like to have someone buy the lot.

Based on what I have sold, so far, I think the remaining parts are worth >$5,000 sold individually. As a lot, I expect to get significantly less. I am open to offers.

Please don’t inquire about individual parts – I am not ready to break them up at this point.

The parts are located in Pennsylvania, USA, about an hour from Philadelphia. Please contact me via email for more information; only serious interest, please. If you are interested, I think it would be best fro you to come out and see the lot. Bob Brady 302.420.652nine cell.

Here is a partial list of what I have:
Giulietta Parts:
(1) RF fender panel – looks NOS, but I can’t say for sure. Came with my ’60 Sprint.
(1) 1300 engine – in pieces
(1) rear window for 101 Sprint
(1) set of 101 Sprint front seats – in bad condition, might be useable for the frames
(1) Fergat wheel, excellent condition
(1) Fergat wheel, rusty
(1) 101 Sprint hood – rusty
(1) 101 Sprint trunk lid – rusty
(1) bellhousing
Several boxes of misc. Giulietta parts, including air filter assemblies, transmission and drivetrain parts, some trim, etc.

105/115 Parts (Mostly GTV):
(1) complete 1600 engine – condition unknown, but it looks okay
(1) complete 2000 engine – from ’74 GTV, condition unknown, but I believe it was running
(1) complete 2000 engine - from an Alfetta
(1) complete 2000 engine – from a ’74 GTV, in pieces
(1) complete 2L head
(1) complete 1750 head
(2) GTV gas tanks
(1) 105 Sprint dash board
(1) 115 GTV dash
Several GTV and Spider wiring harnesses
(1) set of ’74 GTV front seats that need recovering – foam is good
Boxes of interior trim for GTVs
Boxes of headlights for GTVs, including SS trim rings
~ 5 split case transmissions (in need of complete rebuilds) and boxes of transmission parts
~ 8 hanging pedal assemblies with boosters and most with master cylinders
(1) split case transmission usable but in need of rebuild
(1) complete 4.56 rear assembly, from ’74 GTV
A crate full of GTV parts: trailing arms, steering boxes, steering columns, front suspension pieces
A crate full of a complete glass set for a GTV – front windshield is not perfect, but usable for a race car; several rear windows in this crate
A few rear valances from ’74 GTVs – rusty in parts, but usable for patches
A spare tire well
A trunk lid and hood from a step-nose GTV – in good condition
A pair of early GTV doors, without the crash beam in them
A pair of later GTV doors, with the crash beam in them
(~5) SPICA FI pumps
(~3) sets of SPICA FI lines
A collection of steering wheels: (1) Giulia, (1) GTV, (1) Berlina, and a couple of others
A box of GTV stainless steel trim – including door stainless, rain gutter stainless
A pile of bumper pieces from GTVs of various years
At least one set of OEM GTV wheels – round holes
A couple of other sets of OEM wheels - round holes - one set is probably for a 1600 Sprint
A box full of Weber and Solex carbs and parts
A pile of engine blocks and front covers
Several sets of GTV/Spider springs – W&D, Alfa Ricambi, OEM and others
A box of rubber window/door seals – some NOS

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Dear All,

Apparently I was not clear in my original post. At this point, I am NOT interested in selling individual pieces. I want someone to take the lot.

Thanks for understanding,

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