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Dear fellow members,

I have the following two problems with my Alfa Romeo Mito 1.3 JTDm 2011:

1. High Pressure Diesel Injection:

The common rail diesel injector seems to have a small leakage; I suspect one of the seals leaking. Do you agree? I have no spilling on my parking spot. Only the injector itself and the pipes below it are covered in smear.


I am about to buy a Star repair gasket kit, to see whether it stops the leaking. What do you think?

60.096-40 (1).jpg

2. DPF warning:

A couple of weeks ago the DPF warning-light came on (P2453 | Diesel Particulate Filter Pressure Sensor A). I replaced the following parts:

  1. the Differential Pressure Sensor (and relearned it in the ECU);
  2. the upper two DPF vacuum tubes (6mm & 8mm);
  3. the MAP sensor;
  4. the MAF sensor;
  5. Blanked the EGR valve (it has been disabled in the ECU).
After resetting the warning, it keeps coming back. Not right away, but after having driven multiple journeys. I still have to replace the bottom two vacuum tubes. However, is it possible that I get this warning because of the diesel injector leaking a small bit? AlfaOBD gives me the extract below upon hitting the warning What do you think?

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