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Alfa Romeo GT Veloce 1750

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Hi everybody,

This is my first post. I was looking since a cupple of months around this forum and was enjoying all the nice pictures here.

This spring, I had a very good proposal to realize my dream and did buy an classic Alfa Romeo GT Veloce 1750 from an 80 years young gentleman.:)

Last week, I was now able to make a fotoshooting of my baby.

You will find more pictures here

Take care and enjoy your Alfa Romeo babies.

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I love the interior. Those front seats are beautiful.
Welcome, crazyx!

Always nice to see another Series 1 1750.:)
Drool ;);););)
unbelievably spectactular. i need some cash so i can buy one!
that is a seriously great looking 1750! Welcome to the board, and thanks for sharing!!!
:D Those Campy wheels look great on this GTV- outstanding car!
Mmmhh Thanks for sharing! Great car, love the colour, is it an original Alfa colour?

cheers Yves
Pinnacle of Giulia GT ...
All the best details combined into one car
What a beautiful machine
What a beauty! I have a series 2 in the same colour. Having seen yours, I am now seriously tempted by a handling kit and those wheels!

Thanks for the compliments...I know, that I had luck, to be at the right time on the right place. When I saw the car the first time in my garage, where I use to bring my cars for service and repairs, it was like love at first sight.

The magnesium campy wheels are rare or expensive. I got an unused set but you can see the age, even if they are unused and renovated. I will try next year to get this small holes out with a second renovation.

I was polishing the car with a car painter together...It took a while until he was able to see and say it's the second color...

I wish you a nice and sunny sunday.

bye crazyx
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So purrtty!
Excellent example crazyx, welcome on board.

Efcharisto! :)

bye crazyx
If you didn't buy that car, you would have indeed been CRAZY! I have been out of town and just wishing to get back to computer to look at it again. enjoy!
I love those Campagnolo wheels in the flat grey colour. Sensational! I was almost thinking that I didn't like them for my series 1, but they are HOT!!

Lovely car.
the real campagnolo wheels are always like that. The HB copies are much smoother. Be careful that you DO NOT try to have them shotblasted and powder coated. If you do want them different, ie smoother, hand sand them, and have them sprayed.
They are indeed very valuable, and if the coarseness bothers you I will trade them for a NEW set of HB copies...
Such a beautiful car.
Enjoy it.
thanks a lot to all,

Your are all highlighting, that I did the right

Seinista: Thanks for your information...I will let the wheels at the moment, how they are...And may when a tire change is necessary, I will try with to carfully hand sand them.

BTW: What are HB wheels?

have a nice monday...
bye crazyx
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