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Hi all, this is my first post so be gentle..
I recently bought a 2008 GT 16V engine with 56k km. I am looking to do some body work modifications as well as engine/performance upgrades.
I know next to nothing about cars besides filling them up and adding water hahah. I am looking to grow and understand more as time passes and I feel this is a great place and time to start learning.
Any and all help in regards to body modifications (front and rear bumpers/side skirting,spoilers, exhaust, rims etc) as well as performance upgrades, what is good/recommended or what is not. As well as interior changes if any.
I am a full time carpenter so i drive a ute, my alfa is just for weekend driving/chilling with mates or going on dates. With that being said I would love my car to look and feel even more amazing than it already is. I personally feel it could be more powerful as i can feel it when i drive, though that could just be from going to a ute to a normal car...
I have no idea where to start in regards to upgrading what or making changes and im not sure if it is easy to get parts/upgrades here in Sydney.

Thank you all in advance :)
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