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Alfa Romeo Giulia to get Autopilot System

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Alfa Romeo is working to install some self-driving technology into its Giulia sedan.

Speaking with Autocar, Alfa boss Harald Wester said that while fully self-driving cars won’t come from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) until at least 2024, Alfa Romeo is working on an autopilot system for the Giulia which would work similar to Tesla’s autopilot. In a Tesla Model S, autopilot will drive the car on the highway almost totally by itself, though drivers are required to be alert and ready to take control from the system at all times.

“I am absolutely convinced that once fully autonomous vehicles are established, the more people will appreciate driving on a road free of traffic and enjoy driving their car again,” said Wester. He believes that self-driving cars are the future and he wants Alfa Romeo to be competitive. “We have been asked several times whether such technology is in contrast with a brand like Alfa Romeo. I think the opposite is correct,” he said.

Wester also specifically called out busy highways, saying that he wants drivers stuck in traffic to be able to spend their time more effectively, suggesting that the Giulia will be able to take care of driving in dense traffic.

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Wester is wrong. Alfa Romeos driving by themselves is the complete antithesis of what Alfisti buy Alfas for and what the brand is about.

If I was a billionaire I'd buy Alfa Romeo and my 100% main direction would be that every single car we make has to be 100% driven by human beings and be all about the driving, end of story. And I would not care if this was against marketing visions, etc.

One day, human beings will wake up and realise that taking away so called mundane tasks actually takes away the reason for living. Take me for example, I try to be a husband/father and currently spend a lot of time travelling back and forth to visit my son in hospital or picking up my daughter from school or other activities, or cooking and cleaning and of course working. TV is beyond boring and yes I'm reading a book but the books not that brilliant. Driving is a huge part of any minor enjoyment in my days and especially my weekends as take the 156v6 up to Auckland. Take that away and what am I left with ... Alfabb and breathing!
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I disagree with Harald Webster and agree with Pete on this. An Alfisti is a person who is alert when driving and takes pleasure in the task of driving him or her self.
Even the many so called safety features that lately have found their way into the latest premium car models lull the driver to believing nothing bad will happen.
It makes the driver think that he/she can do telephone calls, e-mailing or lots of other distractions.
The responsibility of the driver to act safely and being alert when driving on public high ways will be the drivers responsibility no matter whether or not the safety features are at fault.
He/she will be the one to be imposed a penalty being it a fine or imprisonment.
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