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Alfa Romeo AR824645 history

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I'm seeking any history I can find for my 2600 Sprint, AR824645. I believe it was sold new into Switzerland but I'm not totally sure about that. Hopefully, someone will be able to give me some further information.
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I suggest you start with requesting information from the archive via this web page.

I already ordered up the factory information but I am looking to see the ownership history of the car after it left the factory. Unfortunately, the 2600 Sprint models do not have the devotion shown to them like the Spiders do. They just aren't as collectible nor as valuable so they do not generate the same attention to their ownership history. I know that this is an unlikely request for readers of the AlfaBB but nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Hello "Bora1978",

I track and record 2600 Sprint (and 2000 Sprint) information when I come across it. It is true that more has been found thus far about the Touring and Zagato examples, but this makes, to my mind, the Bertone even perhaps even more worthy of some study efforts.

More to follow if something more is shared.

Best of luck!

John de Boer
The Italian Car Registry (collecting and compiling Italian car and carrozzeria data since 1980)

What is it that you know and think you know thus far about your car? What is the body number? It should be visible in a painted area high up on or above the firewall and begin 140xxxx, maybe 1404xxx?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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