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Good morning,

yesterday I've posted for sale my blu medio Montreal...maybe you could be also interested on these Alfa's for sale. These are property of my client and could be seen on my website Gulf Blue - Rondinelli Classic Sports Cars

The first is an Alfa Romeo 2000 sedan with raced the London-Mexico rally in 1995 with Scuderia del Portello (it was a race for classic cars): Gulf Blue - Rondinelli Classic Sports Cars

The second is an Alfa Romeo Junior 1300 Zagato: it has been transformed during the years and now it has a 2000 engine mounted with silver paint. The original engine is complete and still available, while the original color was Blu medio, just as my Alfa Montreal for sale; you can find it here: Gulf Blue - Rondinelli Classic Sports Cars
Below an image of the car in the present conditions and another photo (found on the web) of a 1.6 Zagato of the same color.

Probably these cars are quite easy to find also in the States, but I just wanted to tell you, in case you are looking for particular Alfas.

Thank you


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