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Hello to all,

Trying to find a new or used Q4 rear badge/logo for my 164 Q4 I realized that this is a part impossible to get. Stood waiting for almost 6 years on auction sites and never could get a badge for my car. Facing this, the best option I had was to ask for a borrowed one from a friend, (thank you Eduardo!), and make a small production on a specialized factory. As you can imagine I only need two badges (one fore a spare part and one for the car) and after spending a small fortune now I have some badges laying around.

The new reproduced badge is 99% equal to the OEM one, same colours, same overall dimensions and has even an upgraded metal base instead of the plastic one. Also a 3M double sided adhesive tape is sticked on the back for easy installation.

This badge suits 164 Q4, 155 Q4 and also last series 33 permanent 4 (if I'm not mistaken. If I am please correct or add some info).

A lot of effort was done making this reproduction, had to travel several times to the factory for testing, about 5 prototipes were done and involved a lot of people. The costs were high and each one has to be 87 euros (about 96 USD today).

Will try to attach some photos for your evaluation.

Thank you!!!

IMG_20200220_151114.jpg IMG_20200222_184000.jpg IMG_20200222_184010.jpg IMG_20200222_184019.jpg IMG_20200222_184029.jpg IMG_20200222_184112.jpg IMG_20200222_184132.jpg
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