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Hi. Its 2011 159 - selespeed
Just like that!
I was driving and suddenly the car switched to moving backwards rather than forwared although the gear (on screen) stayed at 1D. Luckily no cars were behind me.
That instance , after some trying it was fixed on its own, i managed to drive home.
Next day it happened again, this time, nothing resolved the problem and now i am towing it to the garage.
So: in 1 the car goes reverse.
I cant engage Reverse, neither on the screen nor in reality (just stays on N) althougb you can hear the sound of gear change (clanking) when i engage reverse.
Resetting the battery didn't help.
I took it to Alfa's workshop and their diagnosis showed a number of errors, none of which was "engagement sensor".
Rather, there was "brake unit" and other things which the technician said are generic and do not necessarily indicate problems.
He said it's not 100% certain the brake unit, but it needed changing anyway, and I agreed.
4-5 days, and everything went fine.
Then yesterday, again, I was travelling on third and there was suddenly a low noise. I stopped (didn't turn off engine), the gear shifted to 1st, then when I pressed the gas, again, while still in the 1st, the car started moving backwards. I switched the engine on and off several times, until the car eventually did travel forward, I drove home and here I am .

I am noting that 4 months ago I had a new clutch system installed (primary and secondary parts). Last month new timing set and new engine seat (or whatever it is called).
Now another major issue and i am terrified it could be the gearbox gone broken beyond repair !

What could it be? Is this problem commonly known with Selespeed? Is it the gear box or the sensors inside the gear? What is the cheapest way to fix it (I've already invested too much on it in one year!).

Guys, I am desperate for any help.. the car is sitting in the garage and I am waiting for someone to at least give me a hope, that it's not a problem that will require a new gear box and I want to go to the mechanic with at least some idea of what is the issue here.

Thank you
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