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Hello everyone I have a big problem with my Alfa , it goes perfectly at idle but when I accelerate it stops. Sometimes if you press the pedal slowly it goes up to 6000 rpm. If you press suddenly it goes up to 2000 and the engine stops.I tried to leave the place easily but it starts to tremble and stops. It also has a small problem, it doesn't show me the oil pressure, well, from what I understand it's a common problem. What could it be, what should I look at?
I also got a kkl 409.1 switch usb multiecuscan , and I tried it with a few version of FiatECUscan , and I got a few different error codes , after I deleted them the engine runs a bit better but the problem it's still there.
Could it be the timing chain ?From what Ive read on forum this could be the problem . What's the cheapest options to fix it ?
( Please note that one of the errors in the first picture could be because I disconected the MAF once )


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