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Hello Friends !
Like a year ago my clutch felt loose after driving home from my job, I could barely change the gear so i searched online what could be the fault. Found that the Master , and slave cylinder could be the fault so I let them change by my local car mechanic. He changed it and it worked... but not long after 2 months the clutch pedal feels loose again i could push it to the half without any pressure. So my Mechanic thought it could be the clutch that's not okay .. so he changed the whole clutch.. Bleed the clutch etc.. i paid like 600 euro and guess what after 2 weeks the pedal feels loose again.. im hopeless he also changed something under the pedal straight to the cylinder. Now i paid like 650 euro and the clutch is still loose can someone help me ? Had someone tha same problem ? Could it be the clutch hose/tube ? Thankful for any advice ps sry for my bad english
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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