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Alfa Romeo 105 GT/GTV NOS Left front wing. $1900 AUD or 1180 Euro or $1275 US or 980 Pounds (Firm)

This NOS panel has a few extra factory internal strengthening panels attached, so much better for your panel repairer than the reproductions. The fender is in black factory primer, and has some surface rust.

This fender is listed for the 1300 GTJ smooth nose part number, could also be used for 1600 GTJ, 1750 GTV and 2L GTV.
This panel may also suit the Stepnose cars GT Sprint, GT Veloce 1600 and GTJ 1300, by modifying it for the step part of the nose, check with your panel repairer first.

The fender's NOS profile along the crease line is sharp and this profile can be used to check your car's crease lines if they have been rounded and dulled by prior non factory painting attempts.
Or if you need a replacement panel this NOS panel is comparable in price to a reproduction panel if you factor in the extra time/cost your panel guy spends to get the reproduction one to fit. Restoration process is all about choices, so if your car presents with dulled and rounded crease lines of a reproduction panel this may be an issue when it comes time to sell or when you are entering you car at a concourse event, as some of the best Concourse judges may spot the dulled and rounded crease lines.

I can packaged the panel for your courier to pick up.
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