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Hello, I would like to show you some of my new alfa work, we made a gasoline tank replica for AlfaRomeo 102 series, we can manufacture any part you need for your Alfa Romeo 102/106 series. (aluminum, steel).

please whatever your question, let us know I will be happy to help you!.

(we can manufacture door panels, fronts, floors, etc even if your alfa is a different model or different brand car.)

we can deliver in primer, painted and gloss, electrostatic painting.

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Vehicle Trunk Bumper Wood Grey
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Wood Gas Machine Automotive wheel system Metal
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Seriously good work. I presume you are based in the States?
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I would be interested in purchasing a gas tank for a 102 spider. Mine has been in and out, repaired "fixed" but not fixed 3x and it still leaks when completely full. Please PM or email me at [email protected] and lets do this. Thanks!
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