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Hello Alfa board members! I am a new member and hope I am posting this in the right place. Thanks in advance for your consideration and kindness as I figure out how to use this board properly.

My name is Lily and I am posting because I'm interested in renting an Alfa Romeo in New Jersey on May 30 (this month).

I am getting married on May 30 at Saint Elizabeth Church in Far Hills, NJ. I'm Italian and a big fan of vintage Alfa Romeos from the 60s and 70s. It is my dream to drive from the church to our venue in one!

I was wondering if you happen to know anyone who might be willing to rent their car for this purpose on May 30 of this year. We would obviously take VERY serious care of it, and only want to drive it from the church two miles away to our reception venue. (So a few hour rental.) The groom is a classic car fan and drives stick shift; his family owns/has owned a number of classics including an Austin Healey.

We are very excited about the idea of doing this, and showing our pride in this beautiful Italian car, and we are very willing to work with an owner to find a rental situation that they feel comfortable with. For instance, the car owner could potentially drive us if it was a four seater, or the owner could drive behind us in another vehicle if it was a two seater. If no one is comfortable with a driving situation, we would also consider renting it just to park it in front of the church with an "Oggi Sposi" sign on it while the ceremony was going on. :smile2:

I would appreciate anyone's help and recommendations on this. I know it's a unique request and it would seriously mean so much to me to make this happen and show Italian pride with an Alfa!

Many thanks,
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