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alfa pics

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Hey AndrewO
Thanks for the time you spent with me showing me how to do pics
Hofefully i will be able to do it by myself now.
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To all the people that spent time with me to show me how to do the pic thing.
Even Damo came from Melbourne.
Finally AndrewO came here and showed me and hopefully a success.
It amazing how helpfull people are on here with all sorts of advice.
Most of us do appreciate it.
Again,Thanks AndrewO=top bloke
And Damo another good bloke.
Sorry for wasting anyones time,but thanks
Beware all.
Lots of pics will be put in here.
Like a kid with a new toy.
Hope i can master it before it all falls apart

Hi Robert,

Good to see it is finally working. Here's a test for you. (Hah, and you thought I was a nice guy!)

In your shop I saw a set of 4 of those steel wire mesh headlight covers. Can you take a picture of those for me and show them here?

I was actually thinking of converting my outer headlights into a better high/low combined unit (Alfaholics has a kit) so I can actually see at night, and then remove the two small inner lights but have the mesh cover to make it still look good. Then I can duct the cold air from the driver's side hole to the carb intake for a cold air feed, and the passenger side can cool the extractors a bit better.

Will this comply with group Sb regs and what do you think of it? We can talk $ when I see you next time.

Photos please.
I'd want to see the photos of the ones at your place before I do anything but how about this for a quick idea of a before and after:


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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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