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I'm helping to liquidate a fair amount of Alfa Cars & Parts in New Orleans. These were owned by a friend who recently passed away. I had posted this earlier - and a number of the items have been sold - including the GTC that drew a lot of interest. I have taken new pictures of the cars that are left in the 'lot'. Lots of parts - almost all of it GTV related as far as i know - but i am not very knowledgeable about Alfas.

It would be great to sell the balance of the cars and parts - but undertstand that this may be unlikely, so offers will be considered. E-mail: [email protected]; or call after business hours at 504-319-0295

This is an inventory of the major pieces – no effort has been made to count every individual item.

- Alfa GTV – step-nose – red, roller, rough. This car has been gutted – the owners intent was to make this one a ‘track car’.

- Alfa Milano – following notation from Marco Fazio of Alfa/Italy: “According to our documentation files, the chassis number ZAR 16116000076077 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo 75 “Milano” Quadrifoglio Argento, manufactured on the 12th September 1986 and sold on the 29th September 1987 in USA.” This car is sound from a ‘body’ standpoint – seats are out – car is a ‘roller’ – engine is out. No title.

- Alfa Spider – following notation from Marco Fazio of Alfa/Italy: “According to our documentation files, the chassis number ZAR 11541000014983 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 I.E. USA, manufactured on the 28th June 1982 and sold on the 31st May 1983 in USA. The body colour is metallic black.” This car is a body shell – body is in decent condition – but does appear complete. No title to this car.


2) 2.0 litre 4-cylinder engines - complete
3) engine 4-cylinder blocks of undetermined size - several twin-cam heads as well.

several manual transmissions of undetermined type

Interior parts

GTV – several sets of interior parts

‘Running gear’/miscellaneous parts

Several shelves of Alfa parts – steering columns, small parts, etc.
Retained front and rear body ‘clips’
Rear axles
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