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The following Alfa Parts are being sold by Glenna Garrett. Send me a PM and I can forward Glenna's contact info and provide further assistance as needed. Parts are in San Diego north county.

Giulietta front drums, two pair

Giulietta rear drums, one pair

Giulietta steering box assys, two each

1315 intake manifolds, two ea

Spica FI assy, one ea

Connecting rod set of four, 1750 or 2000

Connecting rod set of four, 1600
Water pumps, two ea, for 1600

Five speed transmission from mid 60's Alfa, two ea

020 over mahle piston set 4, new 1600

Batwing pan

Giulietta Veloce pan

101.020120000 oil pan

10110.01.510.00 valve covers, 2 ea

1315.12059 valve cover,2 ea

1600 polished cam cover 1 ea

Water pumps, 1750/2000 rebuilt, 2 ea

Water pumps, 1600 rebuilt, 2 ea

Generator, Bosch core 1 ea

Generator, Lucas core, 3 ea

Bosch starters with solenoid, cores, 5 ea

Lucas sarter core, 1 ea

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Brad, can you send me a PM with her email? My PM send function doesn't work from my home Mac for some reason after the BB changes.
I knew Pat and Glenna when I was in the SD club pre-1981.

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