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I want to sell some Alfa parts that I probably won't need. I will try to provide a partial list, add to it as required and supply photos if requested. I will update this list regularly. I still have parts from a 67 GT Junior that I parted out years ago, plus a few Spider & Berlina parts and lots of GTV parts, mostly from 1750 GTVs. Some 1600 GTV & 2000 GTV parts. Here is a partial list of some "NEW" and mostly used parts.

Romablok hose clamps
Stinger pipe to replace rear muffler includes a stainless tip, can fit Spiders, GTs, Giulias, or Berlinas
Front exhaust for S2 1750 and 2000 GTV
Middle exhaust section
Exhaust manifolds for 1600-1750-2000 engines
5 - 40mm carb rubbers
Gas pedals and throttle linkage.
Throttle linkage rods 12'', 4'',& other lengths
2 - 1750/2000 GTV & Smooth nose GTJr. radiators
Bosch distributors & rotors & caps
Marelli distributor & rotor
Hood & trunk release components
GT hood, smooth nose
Passenger door from S1 1750 GTV or earlier GT or GTJr.
Aluminum front spring spacers 7 & 10mm
Front lower A-arms complete
Rear trailing arms
front and rear anti-sway bars
Interior door cards and rear side panels 1969 GT and older in excellent black vinyl
Door card chrome strips
Door handles exterior & interior, window winders, door hinges, etc...
1750 GTV console, and gauges
C pillar badges for 1750 & 2000
GT chrome and stainless parts
Front stainless steel bumper series 1 1750 GTV and older GTs & GTJrs. left side only
Rear stainless steel bumper series 1 1750 GTV and older GTs & GTJrs.
Rear stainless steel bumper series 2 1750 and newer GTs & GTJrs.
Front parking lights S2 Euro 1750 GTV
Rear tail lights and lenses small GT Euro and USA 1750 S1
S1 1750 GTV USA side marker lights
Glass for side and rear windows on GT all but the front windscreen
1 rear screen no defroster wires, 3 side rear glass, 4 door glass,
4 vent glass.
Spica parts
Spica & Euro front engine covers 1750
Aluminum wheel spacers 2 of each size, 6.3mm, 4.6mm
Water pump for early alternator Alfas, 2 outlet hose fittings 68-72
Water pump for Spica 1750 or 2000, 105 & 115 Alfas, 3 outlet
Water pump for 1300 & 1600 cars 101 or 105 with generator 2 outlet
1750, 1600, 1300 steel wheels 14''x 5.5'' 38mm offset w hubcap bumps
2 Michelin XAS 165 HR 14 excellent tread and condition
GT Jr. rear seat bottom excellent black S2 1968
GT Jr. rear seatback good to fair condition black S2 1968
Cam Cover for 1968-1977
Clutch master cylinders floor mounted
Dual circuit floor-mounted brake Master cylinders
"NEW" hydraulic brake lite switches in the box "NEW"
Floor pedals
"NEW" rear brake pads "NEW"
used brake pads for GTJr. and other 105 cars
Calipers front & rear
GTV 1750 rear seat vinyl, series 2, black fair condition
GTV 1750 front seat, series 1, euro drivers no headrest type, left-hand drive
"NEW" Fiamm horn x 1 "NEW"
Bosch horns x 2
Mixo horn x 1
1750 engines, transmissions, blocks and heads
sales brochure for 1965 Sprint GT, Giulia 1600 Spider & Veloce, TI, SS, TZ, 2600 Sprint & Spider
sales brochure for 1750 Berlina
sales brochure for Giulia Sprint GT
many sales brochures for Giulia Spider
sales brochure for Sprint 1300
sales brochure for 1992 Spider & 164
many multi-page promotional materials
1750 round tail Duetto road test Track & Traffic Magazine
80s Spider brochure
68 GTV road test Track & Traffic magazine
many Alfa books & workshop manuals
GT, GTV, GTJr. heater box complete
Interior mirror parts
Blue Intereurope Washer Bag and Cap
Hand brake levers and handles.
Interior lite & grab handles
GT Jr. 1300 step nose Instruction book and supplement

I have many more parts not listed.

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I'd like the Veloce badge for the Spider, I've lost the v on mine.

pm sent
Sales brochures and promotional material and hand books.

Update: I have found another Alfa 1965 line up. 2nd photo below top center of image red Sprint 1600 GT grill brochure.


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I'm interested in the Sprint GT sales brochure and the cam cover with depression. Can you post a photo of both if possible? I'll email you later today (p.s. my BB inbox is full).



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Actually, scrub the photo of the cam cover as I've just seen it posted elsewhere ... and I'm looking for the non-vented version. I'd still like a clearer photo or two of the Sprint GT brochure though :)

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No. In the second photo you posted in this thread, the brochure is a small format piece to the right of the Giulia SS handbook. Can you post a photo of the contents too?

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Alex: That brochure showed pictures of all the Alfas in the line up that year 1967,not just the GT, Unfortuneatly it is sold . Look on Abb classifieds under collectables for more up to date photos of sales brochures etc.. Brad

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vent window?

Any chance of you having a front drivers door, non-tinted, vent window to fit early Giulia Sprint GT?
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