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Items in PART One are not duplicated here.

2-3 gallon Peterson Dry sump tank, Two big for my Mazda GT2 race car. Has built in filter on the return side.Just what every Alfa racer needs.
Been on the shelf unused since 1999.$200.00 includes shipping in the USA.

Automotive tire Gas Machine Cylinder Nut


4-Two Fuel pumps both function
1-a-The Holly one (left) was used on the "Pinninfarina Coupe" while it had the Montreal engine in it. The internal regulator has been adjusted for 3.5PSI at the pump. It was feeding 4 DCOEs on that motor.have been used This pump $35.00 incs. shipping
1-b- The Mallory one is a spare unused, It`s spring has not been adjusted (cut shorter) to reduce the pressure relief valve in the pump. $40.00 incs. shipping
Or buy both! $60.00 inc shipping
Automotive tire Tire Gas Auto part Cylinder


5- Low pressure pulse type fuel pumps:
One is a common SU pump, other is unknown.make. both used, on bottom right of pic.
$25.00 buys both.incs. shipping
Gas Machine Engineering Auto part Nut



7- Crane HI-6S CD ignition system. Includes the instruction pamphlet. Not for points distributors.
$35.00 includes shipping
Font Gas Automotive exterior Auto part Bumper