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Here's a picture of the passenger side of the spider on a dolly I made up. I noted when I had it up on stands that the body would only sit on three of the stands with the passenger front having space between the jack point and the stand. I chalked it up to possibly a discrepancy in the height of the jack point, the garage floor not being level, etc. as it was only about 1/2-3/4" of space. I had put it on stands with suspension still on the car so more weight at that point. No doors, hood or trunk on it but it also nothing removed such as floors or other body panels

I built this dolly and placed the stripped body on it. Again that side was up higher at the rails this time about 1 inch. The rail isn't badly damaged and doesn't appear out of place. the car looked pretty level prior to dismantling.

What are the possibilities here? There was some passenger side front damage noted but fender bender stuff and minor, no evidence of past accidents being at all severe and no major repair work done. But, maybe it doesn't take much. It will do to the body shop in the not too distant future, probably in the spring, but I'd like to get some feedback know to see what I'm up against...


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