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Alfa "official" Replacement for Golden Lodge 2HL?

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Recently ordered a few parts for my SZ from DiFatta. The "old" p/n for the Golden Lodge 2HL plugs, 60512929 has been replaced with 71736278. The plugs shipped are also not Golden Lodge but Champion? with a marking of 14NC on the plug.

Any ideas what Alfa is "officially" shipping now?

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OEM golden lodge 2hl are still available in Europe.

The Champion plugs are also "official" and listed as Fiat parts.
OEM golden lodge 2hl are still available in Europe.
Yup, we've got them here. I think they're no longer available, we just happen to have bought a huge bunch before they all disappeared.
NGK spark plugs are superior quality to champion, if the oem plugs are no longer available (at least according to any information i could find).
NGK spark plugs are superior quality to champion, ...
That's quite a claim...

I happen to like NGKs very much, and it is what I always use... My engine builder however, prefers Champions, and it is what he fits into my Alfas when he does work for me... Thus, I have used a lot of Champion and NGK plugs in the same cars. Furthermore, I have never had an issue with the Champions, either on the street or on the track...

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The story i heard was that someone else started manufacturing champion plugs, and a number of people had problems with them, and NGK was a redaily available substitute that didnt have any issues.

I don't know what Alfa's stand is on this issue, but I've been using NGK B7ES.
If you check your Milano Owner's manual you will see that Alfa only mentions two spark plugs: the Lodge as the standard and the Champion as the alternate. (It doesn't say that another brand plug cannot be used, but it does caution against using "plugs which do not meet identical performance specifications or are dimensionally different"...) At least for Alfas in general (and not just Milanos) that came to North America, the factory has always specifically named Champion as a suitable spark plug.

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Yes this is true...the Golden Lodge was replaced with Champion. However, NGK's came standard in some Alfa models like the 164.
Does this mean that Lodge is out of business?
The Lodge box I have here in my sweaty little paw says "Lodge Golden" then underneath there's a SPICA logo (which is reason enough in my book to use NGK plugs instead!)

I know that Spica became or wa a division of Alfa Romeo, not sure whether it still exists but if so it's probably been subsumed into the Fiat empire like everything else in Italy.
on Italy major alfisti replace with BERU UX56 Ultra X (4 points) (expansive over 7Euro one) but very efficient.
only for info,not commercial my interest
UX56 Beru Spark Plug - US Distributor of genuine BERU products - Kingsborne Wires Werks
In my Alfetta Sedan I use a Volvo 850-S70 non turbo spark plug in place of the Lodge. It looks exactly like the Beru that dan67 shows. I can't use the normal NGK,Bosch or Champion because my valves want to take off the electrode when they open.
Hmmm.... maybe the valves are too big:D.

hallo! and sorry for my bad english, if the Alfa fit old 40 years the lodge (an mounted first equimpent by Lancia/ferrari/fiat only and fast engine..) there is a reason...exsample the 1300cc alfa 103 cv (SAE) with 2 DHLA 40..its normal "bad carburation" whitout good accension...the 4 point for the lodge ist perfect for alfa idea: the new sparks plugs 1 point its bad for "old engine" with for eletronic injection...most fast and accurate for "delivery" fuel...Beru UX56 or similar its good good solution (i have on All my cars/bike Alfa/fiat/lancia/motoguzzi/vespa)

(for next mount...i have for sale number 200 2HL..7,00 Euro each) the old forniture (n.100) i have saled 1 day))


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on Italy major alfisti replace with BERU UX56 Ultra X (4 points) (expansive over 7Euro one) but very efficient.
only for info,not commercial my interest
UX56 Beru Spark Plug - US Distributor of genuine BERU products - Kingsborne Wires Werks
NGK BKR6EQUP or Bosch FGR7DQP are somewhat easier to find in the US, but they're the same semi-surface discharge design.
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I just installed Bosch Platinum Plus 4's in my milano and they feel really nice. They have 4 electrodes and look very similar to the Beru's. I got them for around $3 each from Rock Auto. I had Lodge plugs in there before but not sure how old they were as they came in a pair of extra heads I came across. It's hard to tell how much wear is on the Lodge plugs as the electrodes don't protrude much. Anyways, with the new Bosch the car has noticeably better throttle response and even lurched forward from the first few 1st to 2nd shifts because the car had more power and response. I was surprised by this as well as much better torque and power down low. High end power doesn't feel any better but the low end feels like a different car.

I always feel a difference with new Bosch Platinums although this is the first time I've used anything other than the standard platinum single electrode. I figured the central 4 electrode design would be better for a hemispherical chamber although who knows if that is real or imagined?

Anyways, just my experience as I always see people swearing by NGK's but I've never felt any difference or improvement with them. Or Denso Iridium which were the worst and most expensive plugs I've ever bought. They didn't last and when my car failed smog, I switched them out to Bosch Platinums and it went right through. The Denso's looked like crap after very few miles, so horrible that I couldn't believe it as I had never seen a plug degrade that horribly since I tend to change them fairly often.

For my money on anything I ever buy, the best comes from Germany or Italy. Japan never makes me happy!
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took a set of ngk's and side gapped great but so did the split fires before.
"I just installed Bosch Platinum Plus 4's in my milano"

Had those in our Milano, and while they worked ok for several thousand miles, they tended to get fouled a little. Didn't need that.

Also tried the Bosch Plus 4's in the 91S, and they fouled quickly, evidently Bosch screwed up with the heat range. They just don't seem to work in the 164S long term. Have been using the NGK Iridiums for many K's of miles now in all the Alfas, and they work just fine with no problems.

Actually, the sparkplug in the Honda outboard motor is also an NGK, lol.
the lodge 2hl's always fouled on my norde 1.6 1.8 and 2.0. never was happy with them.i ain't going to spend money on this kind of plug.wth for?
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