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The horizontal wire mesh is very important. Dry sump engines require scavenge pumps to evacuate the oil pan and return the oil to the tank. These pumps need to have at least twice the capacity of the pressure pump, so they can keep the oil sump empty. If the scavenge pumps cannot keep up with the pressure pump, the engine will slowly fill to the very brim with oil. Since the scavenge pumps can pump more oil than the pressure pump puts out, they are always sucking a mixture of oil and air from the oil sump. This mixture is returned to the oil tank and the last thing you want is your motor lubricated with a mixture of oil and air. As a result, the oil tank is designed so the oil/air mixture falls through a series of screens on its way to the bottom of the tank. These screens serve to remove the air from the oil(deaerate), thus assuring only oil is used to lubricate the engine.
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