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Alfa GTV 2.0 V6 Turbo Engine "Package"

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Hi All, I am new here, a friend recommended I pay you guy's a visit.

Due to a change of plans I have for sale,
Alfa 2.0 V6 Turbo engine package from a circa 1996 GTV TB. Very rare as only 10 -20 cars were imported into the U.K.
The car had been accident damaged, and I brought the salvage for the engine for a race car project which has now been abandoned.

So, there is the engine complete, Turbo, intercooler, etc. etc. Full cars wiring loom, with stalks, instrument panel, wiper motor etc. etc. Plus the 2 ECU's. Car was chipped by Auto Delta to give 235 BHP and was well known to them.
Also included is a used Dastek Unichip (usually £500) piggyback ECU so you are looking at 250 gee gee's easy.
Plus new unused alloy sump (cost £200), and the huge 7 volume Alfa works manuals for the GTV to aid installation (cost £105).
Open to offers around the £1250 mark for everything. (There are many boxes of stuff!)
Thanks for looking,
Graham. [email protected]
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