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Hi all,
Ever since I've seen this picture of a 164 with these wheels: (see link i couldn't figure out how to insert image)

RMP Motors

I've wanted some for my car. I've done tons of research of wheels with regards to weight, size, bolt pattern, etc, etc. and just can find another set I like better so I decided to take the plunge. I found a set and we were all set to make the deal and I told the seller the car I was going to put them on and he said he didn't think they would fit. He sold a pair to another person in the US for a 164 and they were returned because they hit the brake caliper, but he said it was with the Brembos. I have Girling on my 92 164S. Wheels are 17x7, 5x98 et 35. All the numbers point to yes but they are irrespective of any clearance issues.

Can anyone confirm or deny this? They are in the UK so shipping is expensive I cannot afford to return them and I suspect the seller doesn't want the hassle either.

I'm pretty sure the fella that owns the car at the link above is on the BB so hopefully he will chime in.

Thanks All,
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