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Very interesting reference book as my copy includes both 12v and 24v 164 models.
Pub number PA489500000000 COD 60494261 - 12/93

I plan to use similiar number coding from it to prefix my How To Posts for easier searching.

01 Engine Related Systems
01-01 Engine block, liners, heads and mounts
01-02 Crank Gear, crankshaft, pistons, bearings and flywheel
01-03 Valve Gear, timing belt and tensioner
01-04 Fuel System
01-05 Engine Ignition
01-06 Engine Lubrication
01-07 Engine Cooling
01-08 Engine Air Induction System
01-09 Engine Exhaust System
01-11 Engine Electronic Injection

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Could you also include what the flat rate manual lists as the time required for the repair. Could provide the reader with additional info on whether they want to try the repair themselves or have it done.
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