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Alfa decal mounted on the trunk lid facing up

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Hi all,

My '86 Veloce does not have a center break light in whose place is the Alfa decal facing back embedded in the spongy rubber spoiler.

My '87 Quadrifolio has the third light, and the decal is on the trunk itself facing up, the sky. All the coloured enamel has chipped away. I can't see any screws holding the decal to the trunk. Any ideas how it's attached and if it can be replaced? Is it glued on?

Grateful for any information and guidance.

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Please read this thread on how to remove the glued on emblem.
I have a very good used emblem - $20.00 on hand, plus a new OEM emblem for $40.00 on hand.

Robert hill in Memphis, TN [email protected]
Thank you all. I did go to the other thread. Thanks everyone who contributed.

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