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Alfa Dealer in Boulder, Colorado?

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Here is a pic of a decal on the driver side vent window of "my" '79 Spider. It is surely a special part of the history of the car, if only because it is a 32-year old decal. But if anyone knows more about the decal and Centennial Alfa, Boulder, Colorado, please let me know. Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.


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Yes, Centennial Alfa was the Alfa dealer in Boulder,CO. Probably early 70's to early 80's. I might still have a new decal floating around.
I used to buy a lot of parts from them.
I was a import wrench at Arnold Bros. Ford and Subaru and British 'Anything' dealer there in Boulder, 1978 ish.. We'd occasionally get an Alfa wandering in for service, and have to guide the owner to Centennial. Good little shop, classic 'Alfa' guys. My first memorable exposure to GTV's that were serviced there.
Thanks for responding...back in April. Sorry it took so long to get back!
I will keep the decal clean and display it with pride out of respect to those who once cared for my car.
I was thinking maybe I would learn their names and someday, who were the first or second owners.
I used to get parts there for my '67 GTV when I lived in Denver from 1971-1978. I'm sure the boys from Centerline can provide more info. Amazing when I think back to the many times I passed that dealership (with NEW alfas on the showroom floor) with only a casual glance. If only I knew...

I also used to go to an excellent mechanic in Denver who specialized in Alfas at "Pit Stop Enterp" Which I think no longer exists.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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