All potentially sold. I thank you all. Will try to keep the addresses straight getting the stuff out to you all once I figure the postage, etc.

Getting rid of the old Alfa stuff still sitting around. Wife says out the door. Hate to trash this stuff, so...

1. 3 inch stack of various Alfa sales brochures and articles about most post 50's pre 90's Alfas, here and abroad, several different languages. $10 plus shipping please.

2. Alfa Buyers Guide, Joe Benson book, $10 plus postage

3. Alfa Romeo Sprint Performance Accessories manual, $10 plus postage

4. 1976 Shankle Parts full catalogue, $10 plus postage

5. Alfa Romeo Shop Manual, Giulia and 1750 models, $10 plus postage

6. Glen's Alfa Repair and Tune Up book, all Giulietta, all Giulia, 2000, 2600, $10 plus postage

7. Alfa Romeo Shop Manual for propeller shaft, rear axle and suspension, $10 plus postage

8. Alfa Romeo Giulia Performance Options manual (copy), $10 plus postage

9. Alfa Romeo Shop Manual for Bosch K1 14v 35A alternator, Giulia Super, 1750 Berlina, 1750 GT Veloce, 1750 Spider Veloce, $10 plus postage