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1984 GTV6
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Hi all,

I'm looking for recommendations for a body shop in the Metro Vancouver area that works on Alfas or classics.

The reason being I got in an accident with my GTV6 and she has been written off, I've bought the car back from the insurance company (love it too much to give it up) and I'm now looking to get it repaired.

The damage may be beyond reasonable repair but I'd like to at least try to get her fixed (already don't see many of these on the road here, hoping to save another one from the wreckers), I'm just having trouble finding a shop confident in completing the repair.

Some pictures of her as she sits now:

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Coupé Executive car Land vehicle Vehicle Car Bumper Coupé

As well, since she may very well be damaged beyond reasonable repair, to prepare for the worst-case scenario I am also interested in picking up a GTV6 shell or roller (any project GTV6 really) in the Vancouver B.C. area, extending as far as Alberta, to swap over all the good parts I've collected over the years into, just as long as the body is straight and the car can be registered I'm interested, let me know what you have at: [email protected]

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