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Has anyone seen a Alfa 3L V6 engined Cobra kit with FH Compomotive 3 piece split rims?

I trashed my GTV under a truck and wanted to keep something of my first self purchased car. Here is a picture re chassis of someone else's car but very similar to mine which now involves a Bmw Getrag box and Jaguar differential. It drives similar to the GTV in performance. (I stripped mine which wasn't complete, to do the Getrag 535 gearbox change so its body is off again.) The interior will have all of the Cobra chrome and detailed steering but for more leg space and only 3L power.

I am curious to know what the other builders experience has been. The second picture is my car's body on it's chassis when I started. I have another gtv6 2.5 1985 (rusted) and 1979 2.0 too. The 79 has v6 running gear and FH splits too. It just looks better and the vented discs brake properly.




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