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alfa 33 parts-wrecking

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Hey Guys.

I have another project that wont be completed.
All parts for sale .
Mechanically good.Gearbox Doesnt crunch in gears.
Willing to sell it complete.As is.Drives great.

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hey mate what sized engine dose it have
Im sure its a 1.5 twin carb. Runs great.Starts every morning and every afternoon.If you are lucky,it might be a 1.7.(joking)
Gearbox is great,doesnt crunch.
Ill post the engine number if you like.

alfa 33 engine

Hi again Cameron.
thanks for your enquiry.
The engine number is AR30182 -------
According to my book,its a =Alfa 33 twin carb,1.5 TI -105 hp leded engine.
Hope this helps.

33 boxer

thanks for the quick reply mate where abouts are you located im in brsbane way would you seperate the engine for me if so how much?
Hello Giulia_Veloce,

If you still have the front struts for this car, and they are of the sealed type to which Koni 86-2303s can be fitted (after cutting and removing the strut insert), I may be interested.

Please let me know.


Andrew Matusiewicz
1983 Alfasud Ti QV
Hi Andrew:
I may have a set of Koni front struts for your car. I will get back to you early next week as I have to check in the storage unit. Let me know if they would be of interest to you.
Regards. Bob
Hi Bob,

I actually already have the Koni strut inserts, its just that I don't have the late Alfasud/early Alfa 33 type struts that they are housed in.

The Koni part number for the inserts I have is 86-2303 (these are Koni Special -D inserts - also referred to as Koni reds).

If you have a set of struts with these particular Koni inserts I might be interested - let me know.


Hey Andrew: I am pretty sure I have a set of these struts, with the insert still in them, but they can be removed if not required,but I won't be able to tell you for sure until next weekend. Why do you need these struts, don't you already have some off the car that you are going to use the inserts on? What type of car are these units to be installed onto? They will only fit a 33 or Sprint 1983-1986 or 1987 for the Sprint.
Hi Guys.
Im back in action.
All parts available.
The whole car can be purchased as well.
Great engine + gearbox.

Hi Bob,

For some crazy reason my late (1983) model Alfasud Ti QV is fitted with early-type struts.:confused::confused::confused:

As the strut inserts are shot, I needed to get some replacements. I managed to get a set of rebuilt Koni Special-D inserts quite cheaply, the only issue being that they were for the late-model 'Sud/early- model Alfa 33 type strut.

Hence the need to find the right type of strut for these inserts...

Please let me know what you have, we may be able to do a deal...


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Ok, I have now re-checked with my mechanic, and the struts for late-model 'Suds DO differ to that of early-model Alfa 33s, given that the latter had outboard front brakes. The information supplied with the strut inserts indicated that they were able to be fitted for either model, and I assumed that this meant the struts were essentially the same. Silly me!

The search continues...

Apologies for any inconvenience folks :eek::eek::eek:

Andrew Matusiewicz
1983 Alfasud Ti QV
Wouldn't the 33 struts be able to be used by just not bothering with the brake hardware?
Hi Cameron.
Great engine,runs well.$500
Geat gearbox,no crunches from first + second $400
Whole car,drive away=$750.

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