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Alfa 2600 outside colours

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I'm restoring a 2600 Sprint (1963) and awaiting input from FCA Heritage on the original outside colour. For obvious reasons I'm not expecting an answer in the next months. Would anybody have the standard colour scheme for the Sprint? Is the metal dashboard panel in the same colour as the outside colour? Thanks, Ulbe
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I just stumbled across this thread (which was posted in the AlfaBBNews forum) bu accident and asked the moderators to move it to the 1900/2000/2600 forum.

With respect to the question at hand, I believe the full body (including underbody and engine compartment) was painted body color on these cars. So, one has to wait until FCA Heritage makes such information available.

I can’t see the original post, so I might be answering the wrong question, but...

If the question is about the Touring Spiders, I’ve never seen the exterior body color duplicated on the underside, engine bay, trunk, or interior (steel) except doors. Most all of these are one form of black, or another.
Ah. I see. A Sprint. I’m not so sure about those.
It appears the original post was deleted.
I found the original post, and it is about a Sprint. I just don't know what Bertone was doing in those years. My 65 Sprint GT was painted black exterior, so that's not even a guide to the exterior and under-hood colors.
After some extensive searching, I found what was originally the very first post of this thread has been moved here, but not my posts above and/or Don's posts (my reply to the post that has been moved is now #1 above).

In essence, this means that the new XenForo BB software now allows to split threads, which was previously not possible in vBulletin.
Thank you guys. I've learned that the underbody and body compartment was always painted black.
My Sprint also featured a painted dashboard. Does anyone know whether this replicates the outside color?
Another question is about the paint on the clock housing. This has a rough surface which needs repairing, any suggestions about how to do this?

I've attached a color swatch of the 2600 Sprint and Spiders for your information.

Many thanks, Ulbe

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What you have is referred to as a Series 1 Sprint. The fact that the original floor mat survived is spectacular! Can you tell us what the chassis number is and whether the engine hood has a tubular or sheet metal frame?

To answer your questions:

Yes, the painted section of the dashboard was body color.

The instrument cluster was finished in black wrinkle paint (Schrumpflack) that contracts when it drys after painting. The effect depends on temperature and drying time may take several attempts to get it right (this post and some non-Alfa YouTube videos seem to give good advice). For 102 valve covers (which had similar finish), I heard people had good results VHT SP201 or Harley Davidson 98606BF paint.
I merged the OP with the replies. Should make sense now...
Thanks Eric!
Tubut, thank you so much for your feedback.

I'm not sure whether I will make use of the floor mats. The chassis number is AR 823 727. Attached is a picture of the hood.

I understand these cars were not pre-installed with an exterior mirror and that mirrors were placed on the side wing or on the door. I love the one attached, would you happen to know whether this is still available?

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The two-tone rubber mats are rare! If you don't use them, keep them, but store them flat (don't roll them up).

Thanks for the picture of the hood -- it's the version with the sheet metal frame.

For all I know, there were no factory supplied exterior mirrors at the time. There were 3 to 4 types of mirrors that were fairly common (available from several suppliers of classic Alfa parts), but yours is not one of them. Nice as it seems to be, your mirror may have been installed by an importer, dealer, or aftermarket by an owner. Finding a matching one probably will be difficult -- but I would suggest it's not on the critical path for the restoration and patience may pay off.
Hi guys, I'm a bit confused about colour ARS 647 anthracite which is mentioned on a AR colour card. However the reference AR 647 also shows Grigio Finanza. Is this referring to the same colour?

Thank you for your help.

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Ulbe, I tend to believe that (a) it's not the same color, and (b) that the number could have been the result of a typo or transcribing error.

In my list, I have "Grigio Finanza" listed as AR-728 (for 1987 only), AR-744 (for 1970 only), AR-746 (for 1977-78) and AR-758 (for 1982-88).

"Grigio Antracite" is listed as AR-746 (for 1971-79), with a note that there are some documents that refer to this color code as "Grigio Finanza" (for 1977-78).

Based on other colors I know of, it is possible that the numeric color code has been reused for different color names over time, but that typically did not happen within the same decade.

Furthermore, I never figured out what the difference between ARS and AR designations is on the Glasurit color cards (I presume different paint systems), as this is not an Alfa Romeo designation and only used by Glasurit.
Hi Rüdi, thank you so much for your detailed response. I compared both colours and will definitely go for Antracite.
Will show the result on the 2600 within (hopefully) 2 months.
Best, Ulbe
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