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The website for the convention will be "fully active" before the end of Feb.
At that time people will be able to register and make reservations.
The March Alfa Owner will have the registration with dates and times for all events.

Here is a general outline of the events:

Sunday, July 19 - Pre convention tours begin

Monday, July 20 - Pre convention tours continue

Tuesday, July 21 - Last day of Pre convention tours
Board meeting
Welcome reception

Wednesday, July 22 - Track day at Pikes Peak International Raceway
Time Attack (autocross)
Lapping on the track road course (Time trials- but we are working on timing equipment)
Swap Meet
Moonlight fun car show

Thursday, July 23 - Gimmick Seek and Search Rally
High Tea at Glen Eyrie Castle

Friday, July 24 - Drive up Pikes Peak
Drive through Garden of the Gods
Walking seek and search rally

Saturday, July 25 - Alto Miglia Concorso - car show
AROC Banquet

Sunday, July 26 - Awards Breakfast

This is by no means a complete list of events. This is just an idea of SOME of the highlights.

Hope to see you in July!
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