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alfa 1900 CSS ( 3-window) cilinderhead

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Hi all,

a friend of me is searching for an alfa 1900 CSS ( 3-window) cilinderhead,
on his 1308 engine is a 102 (spider touring) cilinder head and he wants a original 1308 TI head. He has much body,trim and mechanical parts for trading.

Someone knows where to find one ??

regards Franco
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1900 Head

Hi Franco
I´ve got a NOS head see enclosed picture and I might also have a used one as well.
Which one would be prefered ?



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Hi Bjorn,
thanks for the pictures , is this a 1308 / 1900CSS and or TI head with the bigger valves ?
Excuse me Bjørn. Did the 1900 range have the casted ignition range casted in cylinder head. I don't remember my 1900 Super had that.
casted ignition range

HI Bjorn, and All,

My original 1308 engine of 1900 CSS has not the casted ignition range casted on cylinder head.

My 102 2000 touring spider engines have the casted ignition range in frontside (59-61 ) and on topside (58-59 )
Ill do some valve messures in the weekend.
The head on the pic is a late 1900 Head with Ignition range casting in the head. 102 heads do have castings but a totally differnt valve arrangement than the 1900 Range.
Hi Bjorn ,
I know the difference between 1900 and 102 valve arrangement .

On the 1900 CSS = same 1900 TI super there is a small TI casting on the side of the head.

Regards and thanks Franco
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