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Hi All,

I am rebuilding my 1958 1900CSS tipo 1308 engine

This engine I bought in parts and also bought some 102 engine parts

I was today looking at the CON ROD and there was a difference between the 2 sets I have ( SEE PICTURE )

Does someone know which are the originals for the 1900CSS 1308 engine ?

( the type SMP * leftside on picture * has more metalcast at the bottom where the bearings are and looks stronger

rgds Franco


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Hi Franco,

My 102 has rods like the weaker one on the right. That may not answer your question directly, but provide information to support the idea that the stronger one is for 1900. The parts manual for 102 does list a part number, which might indicate it is somehow different than 1900. It also may be possible that these two different rods are just forgings from different suppliers. Does the attached piston provide any clue?

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